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June, 2015

The Power of Mobile Apps to Drive Engagement and ROI

I have been asked to be a panelist for the upcoming ClickZ Academy Webinar titled, “The Power of Mobile Apps to Drive Engagement and ROI“. Apps dominate mobile usage but 70% of new mobile app users abandon apps after about a month. Engaging, retaining, and fostering loyalty among app users is the biggest challenge that […]

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Social Media Thought Leadership

I published a long-form post on LinkedIn titled, “Social Media Tips for the Financial Services Industry“. Knowing that consumers want to connect with their banks and credit unions on social media just as they do with other providers of goods and services I wrote this article to provide thought leadership. Customers do not care about […]

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Portfolio Update

I am a strong believer in e-Portfolio’s for professionals. An e-portfolio is a web-based tool for showcasing work and ideas; it can be used to promote learning, discovery, and reflection. My e-portfolio, which I have recently updated, represents my accomplishments as well as an organized place to view a few of the various projects I […]

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