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15 Favorite Toys From The 70s

I published a community post on BuzzFeed titled, “15 Favorite Toys From The 70s“.  While some probably cringe at the mention of BuzzFeed and their obvious link-bait content, there is no doubt this media giant has built up quite a following in a few short years.  I am sure you have seen BuzzFeed articles in your social media feeds, but have you ever wondered just how many people actually view and share BuzzFeed’s content?  I was curious to see for myself, so I decided to become a BuzzFeed community member and published my own post to see what sort of traffic I could generate.  For those that don’t know, BuzzFeed has a full-featured community CMS where anyone can publish their own articles, lists, quizzes, polls, or checklists.

So, how did I do?  Well, I relied initially on friends and family to get visibility and that generated a decent amount of traffic that included a few re-shares, but I was well below the goal I set for myself.  I am now trying to get traction with an outreach effort to social media influencers in the niche I targeted and that is ongoing.  Be on the lookout for an update in a few months where I will post the final results.

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