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Why Facebook should remain an integral part of your social media strategy

Given the “social” nature of social media providers, is it surprising that they can be more like fads? Will Facebook struggle to stay relevant to users’ lives?

I would argue that recent surveys showing Facebook’s declining popularity, particularly among younger demographics, may be overblown.  It seems that for every study saying Facebook is going the way of Friendster or MySpace there is another saying that although Facebook has lost some of its luster Facebook is still holding onto its users.

If you are thinking about de-emphasizing your Facebook social media efforts there are two things to keep in mind:

  • Know your customer – Even if Facebook’s popularity is declining, if a significant portion of your customer base and prospective customers are on Facebook then Facebook is still relevant to you and your business.  The easiest way to check is look at your data, because data doesn’t lie.  Leverage your analytics to see how much traffic Facebook generates for your business and then make a business decision from there.
  • Don’t build your house on rented land – Do you want to be beholden to the shifting sands of platform policies?  If you are going to create content that drives traffic, don’t build on land someone else owns.  Put that content on your own domain.  You still need to go where the people are (e.g. Facebook) but your ultimate goal should be to drive traffic to your website.  Spend your time and energy creating worthy content on your website, then spend to drive people there.
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