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Microsoft's digital storytelling app named Actiongram

After reading the article, “Microsoft shows how you tell stories with HoloLens” on Engadget, I started thinking about how companies and brands might join in on the fun.  For the uninitiated, Actiongram is a tool for creating mixed-realty videos for Microsoft’s HoloLens headset that does not require you to have visual effects experience.  You just have to pick characters and props, place them in the world, and tell your story.

My first thought was that brands would simply create their own serious or funny mixed-realty videos and share them on their social media platforms or however you view HoloLens videos.  The more I think about this, I am convinced that the best way companies can take advantage of this new technology is offer up their iconic brand characters to the population at large, so we can incorporate Kellogg’s Tony the Tiger or Microsoft’s own Master Chief into our user-generated videos.  I know there are very creative people out there that will be able to tell some very engaging stories using a brand’s characters.  I know there will be legal concerns raised, and brand managers will worry that the characters will be used inappropriately.  However, I believe the risk outweighs the rewards.  Imagine the number of brand impressions a popular user-generated mixed-realty video might generate.

User generated content is here to stay.  Shouldn’t brands take advantage of this new technology and make it easy for us to leverage their assets in new and exciting ways?


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