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Social Media

Content Marketing Experiential Learning Project

For those of you that don’t know I am an Adjunct Instructor in the Harbert College of Business at Auburn University. War Eagle!  I teach Marketing on the Internet (MKTG 4500) an undergraduate marketing elective. This past spring a student recommended, in their end-of-semester evaluation, that I supplement the content marketing and social media marketing […]

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Why Facebook should remain an integral part of your social media strategy

Given the “social” nature of social media providers, is it surprising that they can be more like fads? Will Facebook struggle to stay relevant to users’ lives? I would argue that recent surveys showing Facebook’s declining popularity, particularly among younger demographics, may be overblown.  It seems that for every study saying Facebook is going the […]

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15 Favorite Toys From The 70s

I published a community post on BuzzFeed titled, “15 Favorite Toys From The 70s“.  While some probably cringe at the mention of BuzzFeed and their obvious link-bait content, there is no doubt this media giant has built up quite a following in a few short years.  I am sure you have seen BuzzFeed articles in […]

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Social Media Thought Leadership

I published a long-form post on LinkedIn titled, “Social Media Tips for the Financial Services Industry“. Knowing that consumers want to connect with their banks and credit unions on social media just as they do with other providers of goods and services I wrote this article to provide thought leadership. Customers do not care about […]

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